Lyrics and Poems

Coke Machine Glow

Here we are on the highway.

Here we are on the road.

Here we are in the parking lot's Coke machine glow.

Here we are in the bedroom

Here we are in the bed.

Here we are beside eachother

after everything

we've said.

Tobaggan Hill

I'm thinking back to when we were young

and eating donuts

with a set of plastic vampire teeth

that we were passing back and forth

We weren't so young as to

think a dog was a horse.

Nor were we old enough yet to name

the cold purpose of musical chairs.

We were like-minded spirits

ekeing out a rhythm

whispering transmissions

through wet woollen mittens.

Growing up on a tobaggan hill

nothing was material.


I'm thinking back to when we were young

if only to find out


what it was

we used to


Insomniacs of the World, Good Night.

I can see the line of your brassiere.

I can contemplate it from here.

There's no need for breathlessness

when we're so far apart

I see us writhing in a phone booth

or laid back in the dewy grass of our youth

and gathering our sweetnesses

and wishing on the Neverstar.

And happy days of electrical smiles

and loving evenings falling down in piles

and not imagining a restlessness

that could keep us apart.

If I could sleep there's a chance I could dream

and reconjure all of those vivid scenes.

O insomniacs of the world, good night.

No more wishing on the Neverstar

New Orleans

In 20-watt New Orleans

envelopes lick themsleves.


If I was your tuba

you'd take me everywhere

I'd be designed to

make you smile.

Snowy Lambeau

Words keep like canned peaches

If they're good enough.


For instance "Snowy Lambeau"

that'll keep,

and "tomber la neige"

(slowly falling snow)

that too,

and "tigers on the moon,"




Snowy Lambeau

tomber la neige

tigers on the moon


after all these years.